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Our Creative studio is unique and addressed exclusively to people who appreciate quality with a distinctive original touch!’ In this age of hyper designer awareness, it's easy to get lost in the sea of sameness, this is where we see ourselves coming and going!. It is through our products that we can step apart from the crowd and be noticed for the individuals we are.

                                                                BESPOKE AND MADE TO MEASURE 

 We offer bespoke and a couture service for women with unlimited options regardless of complexity, a high degree of customization and client’s full freedom of control.
 Our made to measure service offer clothing that in sewn from standard –size based patterns.All designed to fit each customer individually and impeccably. 

                                                                                 DESIGN SERVICES  

Fashion consultations and leading direction about fashion design, trends or simply all you need to know about the fashion industry. We offer expert advice, meeting all your needs and ensuring the idea and concept in mind fall into place like a missing brick from the wall.Special bundles for Start-up fashion brands including assistance with sourcing and fashion marketing.

                                                                                 PATTERN MAKING

 We offer to develop patterns from your design sketches to technical and accurate first patterns.We use a variety of pattern cutting methods from manual creative pattern cutting through to drapery and measurements as well as digital pattern cutting using blocks or previously made patterns.Once the patterns are complete we can make a toile so that the fit can be confirmed. As soon as the requested fit is reached the actual sample can be made in the fabric of your choice.

                                                                                 SAMPLE MAKING

Quality focused samples with only versatile and satisfactory results, performed to your desired specifications.Our sampling team it is specialized in fabricating garments for a variety of market sections from high street to luxury.


 We are able to assist in the most simple amendment to an already made piece of wear.A modification to a favorite outworn dress, creating a stylish new side of what you thought was not possible.An adjustment in lengths, long and short as in our eyes size doesn't matter.A stitch or two on a precious pair of pants which have been a hit with all of your friends and always will be.